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  • 6 May 2016

    Good Polish-Chinese relations, Poland’s success story after 1989 and the coming NATO summit in Warsaw were the main points discussed by Minister Witold Waszczykowski in an interview for China Newsweek during his visit there.

    “I decided to pay an official visit to China because I attach great importance to Poland’s ties with China and I am sincerely willing to develop our strategic partnership further,” declared the chief of Polish diplomacy. He welcomed the changes that have been taking place in China in the past decades: “The remarkable economic and social development that China has achieved in the past three decades is really impressive for me.”


    Minister Waszczykowski commented that by orientating its policy towards the West after 1989, Poland had chosen the right course, crowned by the accession to the EU and NATO. “Without any false modesty, I can tell you that the choice we have made a quarter of a century ago, brought Poland political stability, economic prowess and international credibility and made us an example of a success story,” he said. He added that as an EU member, “Poland has some unique advantages for the Chinese investors,” and provides them with transparency and equal opportunities, while Polish companies’ experience on the EU market coupled with Chinese capital and technology “may be an ideal solution for cooperation.” 


    The Polish foreign minister recalled that Poland and China have two direct rail freight links that operate regular services on the routes: Chengdu-Lodz and Suzhou-Warsaw. “Those two connections create a unique opportunity for boosting bilateral trade,” Minister Waszczykowski said.  


    The minister mentioned Poland’s involvement in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, co-founding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and cooperation in infrastructure development within the 16+1 format among the promising dimensions of Polish-Chinese cooperation.  


    “In particularly we would like to create a tourism and travel bridge between our region and the Far East. We also intend to attract more Chinese students,” declared the minister. 


    Minister Waszczykowski moreover commented on the geopolitical situation of Poland and the EU.‎ “Nowadays Poland faces significant deterioration of its security situation as a consequence of Russian aggression in Ukraine in 2014,” he remarked. However, he stressed, „the dangers for European security do not only come from the East, but also from the South.” According to him, those include the activity of the so called Islamic State, uncontrolled waves of migrants, as well as terrorism.




    The chief of Polish diplomacy said he expects the NATO summit in Warsaw to “help improve the Alliance’s preparedness to face security challenges.” “I hope that it will be another step towards strengthening the Alliance’s military presence in Poland and other CEE countries,” he said.


    China Newsweek (Zhongguo Xinwen Zhoukan) has been in print since 1999. Devoted to society and politics, this opinion-forming magazine presents in-depth analyses of domestic and international developments, and also deals with social and historical themes.


    Source: China Newsweek


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