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  • 16 April 2016

    Minister Witold Waszczykowski took part in GLOBSEC 2016 conference in Bratislava on Friday.

    In his speech during the debate: “Future of NATO: will Warsaw deliver?” the minister presented Poland’s expectations regarding the Warsaw NATO Summit in July. “We expect presence, presence, presence. The presence of troops from different NATO countries could become a symbol of determination to defend the eastern flank,” said Minister Waszczykowski. Poland’s top diplomat also spoke about the main challenges facing the Alliance today.


    Minister Waszczykowski said that the East and the South are the main directions of threats and challenges for NATO. He noted that the Alliance can deter potential aggressors only by taking determined decisions. “A demonstration of weakness is often regarded as encouraging aggression,” said Minister Waszczykowski. He went on to underscore that NATO’s defence and deterrence capability depends on the geographical deployment of defence capabilities. In the opinion of the minister, the Alliance’s readiness to defend its members in equal measure is a condition for effective deterrence.





    Organised since 2005 by the Slovak Atlantic Commission, the GLOBSEC conference is a well-established forum for exchanging and developing views on international relations and security with the world’s top political leaders.  Over the years, GLOBSEC has developed into an important forum for discussing security issues from the perspective of Central and Eastern Europe. This year’s edition of the meeting, as its organisers have emphasized, has special significance because of the Warsaw NATO Summit, which was the main focus of the conference.


    Minister Witold Waszczykowski held several bilateral talks in Bratislava. Poland’s MFA chief met with Moldova’s Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur. During their first talk, the ministers focused on EU-Moldova relations, the security situation, and bilateral issues. Minister Waszczykowski indicated that Moldova needs to take specific measures to effectively implement the Association Agreement, including its trade part, which will ensure that Moldova will stay on its pro-European course of development.


    Minister Waszczykowski also met with India’s Minister of State for External Affairs General Vijay Kumar Singh. They discussed this year’s visits at the highest level, including a visit by Poland’s President to India and by India’s foreign minister to Poland.


    On the margins of the GLOBSEC conference, Minister Waszczykowski also met with Slovakia’s Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák. The ministers discussed bilateral and regional issues, as well as the migration crisis.




    Polish-US cooperation in the area of security, the situation in Ukraine and preparations for the NATO Summit were discussed by Minister Witold Waszczykowski with US Senator Christopher Murphy, Co-Chair of the Senate Poland Caucus.


    MFA Press Office

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