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  • 26 September 2015

    We were surprised and concerned by the views on the causes of the outbreak of WWII which the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Warsaw, Mr Sergey Andreev, expressed in a TV programme, and by the attempts to justify Stalinist repression against the Poles who had fought for their country’s independence.

    The narrative presented by the highest official representative of the Russian State in Poland challenges historical truth and invokes some of the most mendacious interpretations of events, as resorted to during Stalinist and communist years. The Third Reich’s aggression against Poland, followed by the Red Army’s invasion of Poland’s territory, the symbolic culmination of which was the ‘victory parade’ held jointly by the Wehrmacht and the Red Army in Brest-on-the-Bug on 22 September 1939, is an incontrovertible historical fact. We recall that the preceding Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which had defined the spheres of influence in Central and Eastern Europe, was officially condemned by the Soviet Congress of People’s Deputies in 1989.

    We strongly protest against the words of the Russian Federation’s Ambassador, relativizing and justifying anti-Polish actions by the Soviet ‘liberators’, which manifested themselves in the arrests, deportations, and executions of Poles. We regard this as a lack of respect for the memory of victims of NKVD crimes, perpetrated on the orders of the highest Soviet authorities.  

    We consider the opinions presented by the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to be harmful to Polish-Russian relations.  They undermine the achievements of the Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters, a joint institution, and contradict such reputable historical publications as “White Spots-Black Spots”, which makes a joint attempt to look at Polish-Russian history in the 20th century, including during World War Two.

    An Ambassador’s role is to seek understanding, build trust, and improve relations with the country of accreditation. It is with concern and regret that we must conclude that the words of the Russian Federation’s Ambassador do not serve this purpose.


    Marcin Wojciechowski
    MFA Press Spokesman

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