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  • 27 January 2017

    Euro-Atlantic security and Poland’s involvement in NATO were among the subjects raised at a meeting today between MFA Undersecretary of State Marek Ziółkowski and NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller.

    The talks dealt with the Alliance forward presence at the eastern flank, relations with Russia, and preparations for the NATO summit in Brussels. Deputy Minister Ziółkowski highlighted Poland’s contribution to NATO operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans, as part of the KFOR force and the Global Coalition against ISIL. He emphasised that Poland is looking forward to hosting an Allied regional intelligence analysis centre.








    The deputy foreign minister expressed hope that the forthcoming NATO summit in Brussels will see President Donald Trump confirm US involvement in Europe and reaffirm that NATO is an important instrument of Euro-Atlantic security. Deputy Minister Ziółkowski observed that Europe’s security these days depends on the United States commitment. “We’d like the Brussels summit to be a next step in the long-term adaptation of NATO defence and deterrence measures,” he said. In this context, he spoke to Secretary Gottemoeller about the prospects for launching work on NATO’s new strategic concept.


    The meeting also discussed NATO objectives on the eastern flank. The officials emphasised that the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) is the most important element of NATO’s new defence and deterrence capabilities. The sides agreed about the importance of preserving the Alliance’s unity while developing further rules for eFP troops stationed in Poland and in the Baltics, countries contiguous to Russia, in the light of their visibility.


    Deputy Minister Ziółkowski and Secretary Gottemoeller judged that NATO’s partnership should focus on countries most important from the point of view of its security, i.e. most of all the Middle East, North Africa, Ukraine, and Georgia. The meeting furthermore highlighted the need to maintain a framework for dialogue with Russia as set out at the Warsaw summit.


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